Thursday, 21 June 2018



"Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings that bring together technology, humanity and the natural environment." 



Saturday, 28 April 2018



Different Gradient of Textures used in model:





Perspective Views: showcasing the smooth, organic and dynamic form of the building. The grass on the side of the station exhibits the coexistence between nature and man-made, which correlates to Servo's concepts of co-existence. The station also follows Le Corbusier's concept by using lines and curves to emphasise on its volume.  

Front View:

Left Elevation:

Back View:

Top View:

Close-up front view:

Bridge View emphasising on the same colour tone but different textures:

Left End View:

Inside the Architecture:

Link to Lumion Model:

Link to Sketchup Model:

Friday, 27 April 2018

EXP 2 WEEK 1 & 2

The Two Concepts

Le Corbusier: "A house is a machine for living in" 

Le Corbusier uses corners and squares to draw attention to the greater design. He uses large structure with geometrical and functional forms to exhibits momentousness. 

Servo_Stockholm: "Bringing together people and non-animated structures to involve                                      people in a design"

Servo puts emphasis on the use of organic forms to implicate functionality, often involves smooth and dynamic shapes.

The 18 Sketch Axometrics:

12 axometrics drawing each representing the concept of Le Corbusier or Servo Stockholm

Axometric Drawing in Lumion:

Combined Axometric drawings

Transformation into curvilinear and rectilinear form:

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Week 4


Developed Sketchup Model using Lumion to showcase texture, terrain, material, composition in high resolution:

 Under View:

Side View:

Back View (left):

Back View (Right):

Interior View (Above ground):

Interior View (Ground):

Interior View (Below Ground):


Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Inspired Video

This video inspires me to take architecture animation to another level. This visualisation is very fun yet very educational to watch. It is very dynamic and yet informs the audience very well about the texture, plan, interior and exterior view of the house. 

Friday, 16 March 2018


About Me

Creative Work Sketchup Model of Villa Mairea by Alvar Aalto with Lumion rendering

The model above took 2 weeks to model in sketchup, the model was very challenging to make as it involves many curved lines and intricate components. During the course of studying Alvar Aalto and modelling one of his famous architects, I have that buildings are more than just a shelter but a representation of one's personality that bridge together nature and mankind. 

Favourite Architecture: FallingWater by Frank Lloyd Wright

Fallingwater is a house designed in 1935 in southeast of Pittsburgh. The house was built over a waterfall. Although this house was built in 1935, it still gives out elements of modern architecture. I admire this work of Frank Lloyd Wright because it was one of many great architectures that showed transition between old and new architecture. This house gives me a serene energy as I yearn to create a beautiful architecture that merges nature and man-made into one. Moreover, the design is very neat and tidy, with a beautiful combination of different textures that flow well with the nature in the background. 

Something Beautiful: Peaceful waterfall 

Peaceful scenery has always attracted me since I was a child. I prefer nature over large city any day. I enjoy exploring untouched scenery and listening to the sound of waterfall. Sound of nature has always been my number way of calming my heart. 


Revival Cycles: [ Noun - Machine ] [ Verb - Sprint ] [ Adjective - Shiny]

Gucci: [ Noun - Snake ] 
[ Verb - Spend ] [ Adjective - Luxurious ] 

CJ Hendry: [ Noun - Silhouette ] [ Verb - Work ] [ Adjective - Clean ] 


Week 1: Sections

18 Sections:

Sketchup Models:

Draft Section:

Sketchup Model of draft section:

Chosen Section:

Sketchup Model of chosen section:

Week 2: Stairs 

Interested stairs, sketches and sketchup models:

Chosen Inspirations: (These are the stairs that I have decided to review and put into my models)

Sketch of section of Spiral Stair (Stair that goes below ground studio):

Sketchup Model of Spiral Stair:

Sketch of section of Cantilevered Stair (Stair that goes above ground studio):

Sketchup model of Cantilevered Stair:

Stairs in model:

Week 3: Textures 

36 Textures:

Chosen Textures:
 (Note: Sketchup Model has been processed in Lumion to enhance quality of texture) 

Texture 1 above can be seen on the interior roofing of the building

Texture 2 above can be seen on the glass rails of the stair from ground level to above ground level

Texture 3 above can be seen on the wings of the building 

Developed Sketchup Model with designers' work in their workshop: 



T HE B RIDGE T heory "Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings that bring together technology, humanity and the n...